Yellow Submarine Spotted in Sykesville – No Sign of Beatles

It’s not every day you see a yellow submarine in Sykesville, so it’s good to have your camera on hand just in case you do.

Sunday was my lucky day. I happened to be in the big parking lot off Main Street with my camera, when there it was.

I said to myself, “that looks like a yellow submarine.” It was on a yellow trailer. It wasn’t wet, so I’m pretty sure they didn’t just pull it out of the Patapsco, which is only six inches deep anyway at the moment.

The guy in the yellow jacket got in the SUV, and the guy in the hat started helping him pull it out of there. I mean providing verbal guidance, which is probably why I should have kept my mouth shut. See that leg down there in the middle on the right in the next picture?

But I didn’t keep my mouth shut. Instead I said to the guy in the hat who owns the leg, “What’s that?”

He said, “What’s it look like?”

I said, “A submarine.”

I wanted to ask him more questions, but then the guy in the yellow jacket ran over the guy in the hat’s foot. I think it was my fault. So I snapped one more picture and got out of there.

I hope he’s all right. I hope he’s not in the hospital right now explaining to the doctor that he got his foot run over by a yellow submarine while answering dumb questions.

So now I’ve got a song stuck in my head. Can you guess which one?

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