Tributes to Corporal Lewis

Well, Barkley isn’t the only one who liked Corporal Lewis. I thought I’d share some of the nice things people said. Apparently he had some other skills, like breaking into trucks (to help people), feeding the dogs of random citizens, and hugging very sad postal workers.

Sykesville's Dave LewisHere you go, Dave. (I don’t think Dave’s on Facebook.)

Patti Meyer

Oh no!! He was the best one there. I’m so sad to hear this…

He helped me last year, when I locked my keys in my truck at the Convenience Store. I asked him to give me a ride home, but he said wait a second, I can get your truck open for you. He did, in record time!

HUGE loss for this town police department, whatever the circumstances. There will never be another that cared as much for the people and this town, and was always a professional. Wonderful story.

I’ve had many contacts with Dave since he became an officer for our town, and believe me, he will be deeply missed. He is the most kind, caring and compassionate person the town police department has ever had. Check out the museum in the PD, his doing. Look at the mannequin in the PD lobby, dressed in my father’s old uniform, his doing. When my Mother was living in town, and we had to call an ambulance for her, if Dave was working, he was there to make sure she was ok and to see if we needed his help with anything. My Mom would also call the PD in her later years, and he always responded and assisted her the best he could. Once, he even ran the rabbits out of her garden for her! What a loss for this town. Dave, I’ll miss seeing you. I hope I never have to call for town police assistance, because if you aren’t there, I don’t want anyone!!! Much love and good luck to you in whatever you move on to…. Patti & Marty

Connie McKay

Dave Lewis’ leaving is truly a great loss to Sykesville. As all have attested here, he cares about people (and animals). He used to visit us at the OML Visitor Center Post Office just to check on our well-being. His demeanor was that of interest and caring. He exuded security and always with a light-hearted sense of humor. He was on duty the day we handed in our letters of resignation to the town. He hugged each one of us and said that he didn’t want us to go. I wish we could have been there last week so that we could have hugged him and said, “Dave, we don’t want you to go.”

Erin Boline

I’m so sad to hear this! Not long ago I was walking my dogs on a very blustery day down Springfield Ave. when he pulled up next to us, got out of his police SUV, and dug around the back of his truck for doggie treats! Also, for the past three years I have enjoyed seeing him high-five all the kids in the cross-walk as I do the carpool drive.

Stacie Sanzone

Corporal Lewis will be missed! He was a great asset to Sykesville.

Chuck Pribulik

He was a very helpful Police Officer.

We lived in Sykesville apartment for about 7 years and had great help from a the Police in Sykesville, MD, THANKS.

Sharon Tringali

On no!!! Dave will be very missed. I am very sad to hear of this. I don’t know what to say except, Dave, if you read this… Thank you for your service and dedication all these years. I miss you already.

Jim Dore

Farewell, Cpl. Lewis, and thank you for your service. You were part of what makes Sykesville such a great place.


I love that guy.

Mullet Man

I hate that guy.

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  • Debbie Scheller
    15 April 2013 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    Dave is a true gentleman and a dedicated police officer. This is one of the biggest losses for our town! He was the ONLY police officer other than Mike Blair, the volunteer, who would foot patrol Main Street. He is truely did our town a service from the residents, children and businesses in town. He will be missed!

  • Joe Moltz
    19 April 2013 at 12:08 pm - Reply

    What a shock. Dave leaving is a loss to Sykesville. Dave was a joy to work with during all of the town events and the Junior CSI program. I was the photographer for that event.

    Dave, you will be missed but at least you didn’t go far.

    Thanks for all of your years of dedicated service to the residents of Sykesville.

    Joe Moltz

  • Daniel Leidig
    3 February 2014 at 6:34 am - Reply

    It’s a shame to see such a great man leave the Sykesville force. He was a professional and well respected man here. I have had several run ins with Dave and he is the only police officer I have ever met who was genuinely respectful. If all police were more like Dave people wouldent fear or avoid police. They would wave and say hello. Stop in and chat with him because he did not have that arrogance that Sykesville police had been so famous for. After reading this article about Dave not one thing I read had surprised me. He is and was a huge contribution in his community and in others. I personally thought he was a great officer and role model for the Sykesville kids he would communicate with regularly. Instead of scaring the kids in the community with an abrasive nature. Ahhh hemm, like some who’s names I will not mention. He was nice, he would talk to you like you were a person, not a common street urchin. I’ll miss you Dave. You were a massive influence on the places where you patrolled and a standard for police everywhere. Enjoy your retirement bud! You deserve it.
    Daniel Wayne Leidig jr.

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