Sykesville Online’s Coffee Moron Confesses

Well, I heard from Helene Taylor, owner of The French Twist Cafe that will be coming to the green building in Sykesville soon. And she thanked me and pointed out that there was one small error in my story.

That being that, how did she put it?  “I will be serving a full menu of savory and sweet crêpes but my coffee will not be French because there is no such thing as French Coffee, you moron.”


So, how’s that saying go? “Well that’s awkward.”

Actually, she didn’t call me a moron. That was just me embellishing.

Now I could sneak back and fix the original story, but then people who already read it might get confused when the coffee in question is no longer referred to as French. In fact, the coffee will be coming from Cleveland. No, wait, I could be wrong about that, too. Let me check the email.

“I will be using a micro-roaster from Annapolis: Ceremony Coffee. You can see the list of their coffees here:

I’m not sure what a micro-roaster is. I’m picturing a tiny little creature in a beret, but more likely a micro-roaster is some sort of machine. Anyway, I’m glad we’re going to have a roaster here in Sykesville, no matter how diminutive.

Also, I would like to point out that in most other aspects of the story, I was correct. The building is green, Helene is named Helene, she does have a daughter who rides the bus to Sykesville Middle with my daughter, Anna, and all my coffee will be free. But only my French coffee. Helene also expressed her hope that her customers would wear berets.

The daughter, by the way, is named Madeline. Which is perfect, because they made a movie about her, and my God, the whole thing is on YouTube.

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  • Karl
    17 November 2012 at 1:26 am - Reply

    microroaster is like a microbrewer. small and personal, with soul that cannot be duplicated with a big corporation. Congrats to Hélène, and bon chance!

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