Santa and the Grinch Visit Sykesville – Merry Main Street, 2012

It’s amazing enough that Santa Claus bothers to visit such a small town. But not only did Santa ride into a packed and happy Sykesville on a fire truck Saturday night for the Merry Main Street celebration, he brought along Mrs. Claus AND the Grinch. (Obviously, that’s not the Grinch between the Clauses, that’s a fireman. Scroll down to see the Grinch.)

As you probably know the Grinch is reformed and no longer tries to steal Christmas. He’s actually a very pleasant guy, although he did get a bit annoyed when Halle spilled her hot chocolate on his lap. Here he is with Halle Martin, Hannah Dore, Anna White, and Olivia Dore.

I got permission from the other parents and the Grinch to publish this photo, but I didn’t get permission from Anna. Since I’m her dad, I figure I can make that call.

She’s probably going to kill me.

Thanks to Butch Willard for the photos and Ivy Wells and her volunteers for pulling it all together and booking the Clauses and the Grinch at this busy time of year.

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