Of Cauthorns and Warfields and a Time When Moms and Daughters Had Babies Together

Yeah, that’s a long title, but here’s what it all means. This is a comment from our friend, Marie Hood Jones, on the Cauthorn piece. Now, my question is, was the Warfield in question Wade Warfield’s wife, thus adding a bit more to my story about the rise and fall of Sykesville’s most influential citizen?

Here’s Marie.

I’m not sure which branch of the Warfield family this pertained to, but my grandmother, Adelle Guy Wilson, worked for a Warfield family as a girl. One of her jobs was to trim the wicks of the oil lamps thruout the big house they owned. My grandmother died in March of 2009, just shy of her 100th birthday.

She recounted to me, that the day my mother was born, Mrs Warfield was sure Adelle must be deathly ill because she did not come to work in the house. And when she was told that my Mom was born, she responded that the ‘teller’ must mean my grandmother’s mother.

In the days when women kept having children from early to late in their lives, their daughters often had children the same age, and in a time when personal stuff was fairly quiet and not pronounced to everyone, and women wore long full dresses and aprons, they could be in a family way and no one knew.

In retrospect, I imagine that they also secretly hoped that the baby would be born alive and live long enough to be celebrated. Your tomb-stone reading reminds us of the sadnesses that plagued families of the time.

All was well and Mrs Warfield gave her a lovely piece of china to commemorate the event. This would have been about 1927.

Ellen Warfield died in 1932. She and Wade certainly lived in a large house, but they lost the house and most of their possessions in 1927. Perhaps Adelle Guy Wilson trimmed the oil lamps in the home of Wade and Ellen Warfield before they lost it all.

I sure hope so.

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