More on the Cauthorn Sisters

It’s fascinating to watch the story of the Cauthorns take shape. Here’s a bit more from Lauri Newcomer.

I knew the Cauthorn ladies as well. I also know Fay [Dowling]. The Cauthorns farm was around the corner from my parents property, where I grew up. My father still lives there. My uncle farmed the Cauthorn’s property for years and my Dad was always available to help ‘the sisters’ out with errands, repairs, etc.

The springhouse Fay speaks of, did indeed have the most divine taste. Their carriage house, old bank barn and barracks were flashbacks in time. The house, which I was in as a guest multiple times as a child, was fascinating to me. It dated back to pre-Civil War. I remember the glass in the kitchen windows was the really old wavy glass. Some of the panes were signed by the glass makers.

I don’t remember Alex, but I remember his sisters, Miss Agnes, Miss Margaret and Miss Helen well. I remember sitting with them listening to their banter many times as a child.

Miss Helen rode her horse Rascal well into her later life. I’m not sure exactly how old she was but I expect somewhere in her seventies. Miss Margaret was the one who drove the family car. Miss Agnes was more of a home body and the quieter one of the sisters. To my knowledge they never married or had families.

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  • Dorothy Valiga
    24 January 2013 at 9:02 pm - Reply

    I’m Fay Dowling’s sister, Dorothy Jane Hood Valiga, and I remember the Cauthorn’s farm well, and the springhouse very well, my brother and I used to bale hay with our father for them, and we’d cool off at that awesome springhouse, the water was so sweet. The ladies were very nice.

    • Jack White
      24 January 2013 at 9:09 pm - Reply

      Thanks, Dorothy. A nice picture is emerging in all these comments.

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