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Currently, we’re only accepting contact through email. And just to keep things simple,  you can send all your emails to

Send Us Pictures

Do you have photos you want to sure? Bluebirds in your backyard, neighbors doing silly things, pretty scenes, pretty people, pretty sunrises, sunsets or rainbows, or perhaps, scenes from the old days or the Goodyear blimp passing overhead?

Share them here. Photos must be jpg or png in format and no larger than 5MB. We will give you credit for your photo. Just send them along with a description of the subject.

Publish a Letter

Do you have something nice to say? Or not nice? Well you can always leave a comment on an article or on our Facebook site, or one of the other local Facebook sites that welcome that sort of thing. But if you’d rather make a longer, more considered statement on an issue of interest to the community, send us a letter and we’ll publish it with your name.

Try to limit yourself to around 600 words. Please don’t use all caps or obscenities. Include a daytime phone number, and an email address. Let us know if you want us to use your email address. We won’t publish your phone number. We won’t publish anonymous letters, and we will not publish letters that are particularly mean or poorly written. We may ask you to consider making changes.

If your letter begins with, or includes, words along the lines of “I’m pretty sure you won’t print this,” you are correct. We won’t.

Also note that in the past we received letters and didn’t print them. That was not us being contrary, it was us being incompetent. We weren’t properly monitoring the email address where the letters arrived.

Article Comments

Remember you can comment directly on most articles and comment as often as you like. If your comment calls us names, uses obscene or unnecessarily harsh language, or includes all capital letters, there’s a chance we’ll delete it. Most of our articles will include a mention on Facebook, and this might be a better place to comment, but we’d still prefer you don’t use all caps or words you wouldn’t use around your children. Some people might consider this censorship. It’s actually just manners.

Send Us a Story

If you think you’ve got a good story, we’d love to hear it. Just send an email with your name and address so that we can get in touch. We will need an email address.

Advertise with Us

Interested in advertising. Send us an email, and we’ll be in touch. Please include your name and a daytime phone number as well as an email address.

Other Reasons to Get in Touch

If you’ve noticed technical problems with the site, want to compliment us, want to write for us, or just want to tell us something interesting, we’ll be happy to read your email. We may not be happy after we read your email, but we will read it. So, please, email us today.