Another Letter on the Closing of the Sykesville Post Office

Jean Maher, Kathy Gambrill, Judy Lettie, and Connie McKay, former staff of the Old Main Line Visitors Center and Post Office in Sykesville, are not going down without being heard.

In a letter published under Connie McKay’s name in the Carroll County Times Today, they raise a number of questions about the recent firing and subsequent resignations, and state their belief that “one or two people orchestrated the incidents leading to Maher’s dismissal.”

I won’t publish the whole letter here, because I don’t think that’s fair to the Carroll County Times, but here are some key excerpts.

Nov. 15 marked the 10th Anniversary of our community-oriented visitor center post office in the Town of Sykesville. Months ago, we anticipated celebrating this day with our friends and patrons in town. We prepared for our busiest and most financially beneficial season. However, Old Main Line Visitors Center Post Office is closed.

The Sykesville Mayor and Town Council terminated the services of Jean Maher, manager, for reasons they do not wish to discuss with the public. Some feel that Maher speaking openly at the 2013 budget hearings initiated their recent actions. Only two members of the Council ever spoke in favor of supporting OML.

In our opinion, one or two people orchestrated the incidents leading to Maher’s dismissal. When questioned at the Nov. 14 town council meeting, the mayor and council members declined to respond as to whether any one of them witnessed any unprofessional behavior or whether they can identify any witnesses that actually did. Someone knows the truth and should have the courage and integrity to disclose the facts.

Why did this mayor and council fail to appreciate that OML was one of the few town departments that generated income, went 10 years without any merit increases, worked to help find ways to reduce overhead and increase income and operated each year with a limited budget while some departments went over budget?

I have no inside information, and so far, despite the fact that we’ve tried to get in touch with them in several ways, the post office women do not seem to want to talk to us. Shortly, I’ll publish quotes from the last town council meeting, so that you can hear what town officials said publicly on the matter.

Read the whole letter at the Carroll County Times.

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