Thank you for at least entertaining the idea of advertising with Sykesville Online. If you think this is something you might like to do immediately, then immediately send an email to and let us know what you’re thinking. But if you need a little bit of persuading, please read on.

Does advertising on the Internet Work?

No. Okay, maybe, but not necessarily all that well. If you put a banner ad on our site, there’s no guarantee anyone will ever click it, which is why you might want to consider becoming one of our sponsors instead, which might not do you any good, either, but at least you’ll know that going in.

So why should I even consider advertising with your site?

Presence. And it’s cheap.


  • Sykesville Online has been online since spring of 2009, and thousands of people have come to our site and read our articles.
  • We’re the only truly local website with a wide reach, a targeted audience, and a good reputation.
  • We won a Baltimore Sun Mobbies (Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs) award in 2012 for best community blog.
  • The population where we’ve set up and do business is growing, and may soon hit 40,000 people, but our reach extends far beyond that.
  • Ad rates are negotiable based on yearly or monthly terms. You don’t like the results, pull the ad.
  • Our audience is your audience, and we’re in the process of expanding the size of that audience.
  • As we promote our business, we’ll be promoting yours, and hopefully we’ll grow together.
  • As the only professionally produced entertainment and information site targeted specifically at the Sykesville and Eldersburg community, we’re offering a presence you can’t possibly find elsewhere.
  • In most cases, your ads will appear everywhere on our site not just on the home page or an individual article.

Are you still not convinced?

Get in touch at and tell us what would convince you. We’re extremely interested in suggestions for ways that you can help us help you.



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